Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Created by Magpie Games

A tabletop roleplaying game based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right board game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Over $300,000 Funded! Digital Playbooks Now Added To The Books!
11 months ago – Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 11:23:47 PM

Rampaging rabbits! Another stretch goal smashed apart, and all the playbooks on track to be added to the book!

Stretch Goal Unlocked

Because you reached $300,000, you unlocked the addition of the digital playbooks to the books! We had originally planned to release the special stretch goal playbooks as digital products—they’re all a bit eccentric, so we wanted players to have the option of printing and using them at their pleasure. But we hear you in wanting everything to be in a physical format, and we’re excited that all 18 playbooks will now be in print, split between the two books!

Upcoming Stretch Goals

If we reach $350,000, we will add another 4 pairs of dice to the Vagabond’s Satchel! That’s right—Riverfolk Company dice, Lizard Cult dice, Corvid Conspiracy dice, and Grand Duchy dice to go right alongside your Marquisate dice, Eyrie dice, and Woodland alliance dice! That’ll be 7 total pairs of dice, covering all the non-Vagabond factions of Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right! The 4 new pairs of dice will be added to the Vagabond’s Satchel at no additional cost if we reach this stretch goal!

Minor Updates to Quickstart Materials

You called out a couple of errors in the quickstart materials, so they’ve been updated and re-uploaded. Make sure you grab them from DriveThruRPG again if you want to take a look or play!

Ride Along Gushing Rapids!

This Kickstarter has gone so much farther than we had ever hoped, and it’s all thanks to you! To have 3200 backers and $300,000 funded after only a week is just astonishing! Thank you all, so much, for making this project so amazing! Please keep sharing the Kickstarter, and please keep being stunning!

Over $280,000 Funded! Denizen Deck Unlocked! New Retailer Reward Tier!
11 months ago – Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 10:43:09 PM

Effulgent eagles! Just past our first weekend, and you raised an absolutely incredible $280,000! We have just over 3000 backers supporting the project! Everything continues to be absolutely incredible, thanks to you!

Stretch Goal Unlocked

Because you reached $250, you unlocked a new deck of cards—the Denizen Deck! This deck will give you a slew of pre-made NPCs to use during play, each with art and the stats you need to bring them to life! Some will be allies, others will be foes; some will be innocents, others will be responsible for the Woodland’s greatest problems. All will help you fill the Woodland with interesting, complicated characters! The Denizen Deck with its 54 cards will automatically be added in physical form to the Vagabond’s Satchel! We'll also be adding the Denizen Deck as an add-on.

Upcoming Stretch Goal

If we reach $300,000, we will expand the books to include all the playbooks! We’ve heard your requests to have as much content as possible in physical form, and we think this is a great way to do it! We’ll make sure that between the core book and the expansion book, you will have all 18 playbooks in print. If we reach this stretch goal, the core book will contain 8 playbooks—Adventurer, Arbiter, Harrier, Ranger, Scoundrel, Thief, Tinker, and Vagrant—and the expansion book will contain the other 10—Champion, Chronicler, Envoy, Exile, Heretic, Pirate, Prince, Raconteur, Raider, and Seeker.

New Deluxe Retailer Reward Tier

Also, we’ve added a new reward tier specifically for retailers looking to get their hands on the deluxe edition books! The Deluxe Retailer reward tier will get you 4 copies of each deluxe book, along with 4 slipcases, and 4 copies of the Vagabond’s Satchel, all at our usual 50% retailer discount! If retailer backers would like some other combination of items, we’ll work with you through Backerkit to make sure you get the items you want.

Legends of Avantris and the Dimwood

The Legends of Avantris crew is still running their game of Root set in the Dimwood, and they're streaming tonight! Make sure to check it out here:

And here's an awesome map of their version of the Woodland, the Dimwood, to whet your appetite!

Sprint Along Wooded Trails!

As you all can tell, you’ve been advancing the Kickstarter so fast, we’re having trouble keeping up with it, but we’re always excited to try new and awesome things for you! Thank you all so much for your continued and effusive support, for being so interested, and for sharing in the comments! We’d also like to point you at our Magpie Games forums again, where you can continue your discussion of Root in-depth:

Until tomorrow, then! Please keep sharing the Kickstarter, and please keep being tremendous!

$220,000 Reached! Playbook unlocked!
11 months ago – Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 09:29:34 PM

Maddening marquises! That’s another stretch goal achieved, and we’re well on our way to yet another!

Stretch Goal Unlocked

Because you reached $220,000, you unlocked the sixth new digital playbook—the Prince! We’re excited about the Prince because of the different perspective the playbook lets us bring to the game. Most vagabonds easily fill the role of the cast-outs or the self-ostracized—those who were once part of wider Woodland culture in some form or another, who either were pushed out or who left. But the Prince introduces a new possibility—someone who has only ever known the life of the vagabond, for whom this is absolutely normal. Would they continue to exist as a vagabond if given a choice to enter into Woodland society? Play to find out!

Upcoming Stretch Goal

If we reach $250,000, we will add a new deck of cards—the Denizen Deck! 

The Denizen Deck will come with 54 cards, each with its own character and all spread across myriad Woodland factions and groups. Each card will contain plenty of information to bring them to life in your game, along with all the mechanical elements you need. The Denizen Deck will be available as a PDF for everyone who backed at $20 or higher, and will be automatically added to the Vagabond’s Satchel as a physical deck of cards for no additional charge!

Race Down Woodland Paths!

Woo! Four days in, 15 stretch goals unlocked, just shy of 2500 backers, and over $235,000 pledged—this is AMAZING, and it’s all thanks to you! We’ll do our best to show our gratitude by making this project better and better, and delivering an awesome game to your doorsteps! Please keep sharing the Kickstarter, and please keep being exemplary!

$200,000 Reached! 2 New Stretch Goals Unlocked! AND Printer-Friendly Play Materials!
11 months ago – Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 10:45:06 PM

Haranguing hawks! Overnight you unlocked two more stretch goals and crossed over $200,000! We’re running out of exclamation points over here!

Stretch Goals Unlocked

First, because you reached $180,000, you unlocked the fourth new digital playbook—the Exile! The Exile again lets us play with how the vagabonds interact with the factions, creating an opportunity for characters to be tied deeply to particular factions. The Exile is still a vagabond, but it’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to be meaningfully “from the Marquisate” or “from the Eyrie Dynasties” while still being perfect for a band of rogues!

Next, because you reached $200,000, you unlocked the fifth new digital playbook—the Seeker! The ruins in the Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right board game were always an interesting mystery on the game board. Whose ruins were they? Why did the vagabonds keep exploring them, and keep finding goodies and new equipment there? While all the vagabonds have some piece of the curious explorer in their DNA, the Seeker is all about those expeditions, and we’re excited to bring the ruins to greater focus with this playbook!

Upcoming Stretch Goal

If we reach $220,000, we will unlock the sixth and last (for now at least…) new digital playbook—the Prince! The Prince is the child of a vagabond, heir to their parent’s masteries and knowledge, but also born to the life of a vagabond—they never chose this life like some of their fellows, nor have they experienced any other life. Everyone who backs at least $20 will get a digital copy of the Prince!

Printer Friendly Play Materials

We’ve also heard some people request printer-friendly, graphically stripped down play materials, so we made those and added them to the DriveThruRPG file! If you just go to redownload the quickstart, you will find the new B&W materials there:

Fly Alongside the Hummingbird Messengers!

This entire trip has been incredible, and we’re only on day three! Thank you all so much for bringing us so far so quickly, and for being so awesome, interested, and excited! We’ve got more ideas for great stretch goals down the line, and we’re still listening to you all for cool ideas of what you want. Please keep sharing the Kickstarter, and please keep being so stupendous!

$160,000 Reached! 3 New Stretch Goals Unlocked!
11 months ago – Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 12:52:28 AM

Fastidious foxes! Since our last update, you unlocked THREE WHOLE STRETCH GOALS! You’re chewing through stretch goals faster than a beaver’s bicuspids!

(Actually the beaver’s incisors are the big teeth, but incisor isn’t alliterative with beaver, so you can blame the false information above on scientists and their nomenclature.)

Stretch Goals Unlocked

First up, you unlocked the first new digital playbook—the Pirate! These digital playbooks are going to take the game into new directions, adding new elements and playing with base assumptions of the game. We’re very excited to play with things like how a Pirate’s focus on the river will change the game, making new ways to travel...and putting them into direct conflict with the Riverfolk Company!

Next, you unlocked the second new digital playbook—the Heretic! The Heretic opens up new doors to emphasize the vagabond’s ideology, and how some of them may have been cast out because their beliefs deviate from the factions’ own structural beliefs. Maybe a Heretic proposes some dramatically different new political structure, or endorses brand new thinking about how to improve the Woodland. But the Heretic also provides a great avenue for conflict with the Lizard Cult!

Finally, you unlocked the third new digital playbook—the Raconteur! The Raconteur fits nicely into the general vagabond mold as a wandering, roguish teller of tales, but gives us a chance to mess with the reputation mechanics even further. After all, a good storyteller can change a tale of misadventure and disaster into a heroic epic that endears its characters to the whole Woodland…

Upcoming Stretch Goal

If we reach $180,000, you will unlock the next new digital playbook, the Exile! The Exile was once a prominent and powerful member of a particular faction, but they were exiled by the other powers of that faction. They are defined by what they do and how they act towards the faction they once served. Everyone who backs at least $20 will get a digital copy of the Exile! What’s more exciting, as of this writing, we’re already halfway to the next stretch goal!

Scribe Missives and Let Wind Carry Them Away!

Coming in this morning to see how much further this Kickstarter had traveled while we were away was MIND-BLOWING, and it’s all thanks to you! We’re so excited that YOU’RE so excited for all this Root awesomeness, and we can’t wait to send still more your way! Please keep sharing the Kickstarter, and please keep being so fantastic!