Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Created by Magpie Games

A tabletop roleplaying game based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right board game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

July Check-In and Woodland Pads
4 days ago – Fri, Jul 03, 2020 at 01:37:20 AM

Hopscotching hawks! It’s time for our beginning-of-July 2020 update on Root: The RPG!

Backerkit Charging

After a slight delay while we sorted out some issues on the backend, we have processed charging for Backerkit. This should apply to all preorders and to all pledges. If you have any issues or concerns about the charging, please send us an email at 

We’re going to be in the office intermittently over the coming week, as it’s a holiday in America and we’re giving the staff a short break, but we’ll help you out ASAP.

Production Update: July

Tough news first: we have a better sense of how our current timelines are shaking out now, and how the coronavirus has impacted our schedule. As it stands, we are tentatively expecting delivery of all physical rewards towards Q1 2021, with PDF copies of game material available in Q4 2020. It’s not what we’d been hoping for, but we’re confident that it will still ensure we get you the best possible game, books, and paraphernalia.

With that said, we’re making progress on as many different components as we can. Our GM screen design is in layout and we’re getting samples of the cardboard to make sure they’re what we’re looking for. We’ve begun full design on the Deck of Equipment with the Deck of Denizens soon to follow. And, we’ve all but finalized the design of the Woodland Notepads, including the Clearing Notepad and the Campaign Notepad!

As we said in our last update, we determined that we’d be making the pages of these pads double-sided so we’d be able to provide you with a fuller set of notes to track important information. Now, we can give you an idea of what these pages will look like in their final version!

We’re very excited about how these have turned out and how useful they were in our playtests! There’s always going to be more information to track than what we could fit, but we’re confident that these play aids are going to be a huge boon at your table! We'll be providing a high resolution digital version of the same sheets later, once they're finalized.

Last but not least—stay tuned for more information about the Free RPG Day booklet soon! It has a pre-made clearing and some pre-made characters to get you playing an interesting scenario quickly and easily! We're excited to see what you all do with it!

Roads, Traveled More and Less

The work continues, and we’re all striving here to make a game you’re going to be thrilled to see on your shelves! As always, thanks so much for your support and patience, and we’ll check back in with you in August!

Backerkit Charging Soon! Plus Changes, Tweaks, and Progress
27 days ago – Tue, Jun 09, 2020 at 11:16:27 PM

Funambulating foxes! It’s time for our beginning of June 2020 update on Root: The RPG!

Backerkit Charging

We’re going to officially charge the Backerkit in two weeks, on June 22nd. You don’t have to do anything here—orders are placed and locked. We just want to keep you informed and aware. If you have any questions here, please drop us a line at

Covid-19 Effects on Production: June

We don’t have much to update on here—we’re still working with our production partners to keep on top of manufacturing as best we can at this point, and we’re hoping that the effects and delays will be relatively minor, in the scheme of things. We’re still keeping safe, we hope you’re all keeping safe, and we’ll let you know once we have a more concrete sense of the effects.

Production Update: Beginning of June

As mentioned in the last update, we’re tackling Root: The RPG on many fronts at once, so we have a few interesting updates across the board!

Firstly, our book and rules development continues apace. We’re tweaking things as we stress test multiple systems—in particular, we’re in the process of taking a hard look at the Exhaustion/Nature cycle, to make sure that PCs have enough Exhaustion to be effective, but not so much that they can’t get themselves into trouble or avoid using their Natures.

That said, we can confirm one element of rules development that we are going to engage with moving forward—The Ronin!

The Ronin is an extra vagabond that the awesome folks at Leder Games added to the Root: Underworld expansion, along with the Harrier and the Adventurer. At the time of the original Root: The RPG Kickstarter, the Ronin hadn’t yet been released, so it wasn’t included in the spec for the book. But now, we can officially say, we’ll be creating a playbook for the Ronin, to be included in the Root: The RPG Core Book! 

Next—our awesome layout team has come up with a design for our dicebox and the dice themselves! Miguel Angel Espinoza, our layout artist, and Marissa Kelly, our art director, worked together with our partners at Longpak to design awesome dice we think you’re going to love! Here’s a mock-up of what they’ll look like, and as soon as we have physical production samples we’ll show them off!

And finally—we’ve been developing the two notepads, the Campaign Notepad and the Clearing Notepad. The idea here was always to provide useful tracking sheets for GMs to note down important NPCs, important facets of the clearings and the Woodland at large, and important events that occur both during play and in between sessions as time passes. We were also originally planning on trying to do this on single-sided sheets—our theory being that it would be more useful to not have to flip over the sheet to access all sides during play.

After testing initial versions, we’ve decided to instead do double-sided sheets for both the Campaign Notepad and the Clearing Notepad. While this does mean that you may have to flip them during the session, it gives us so much more space to make sure you can record useful information without the page being overly crammed. So every sheet in both notepads will now be upgraded to have information on both sides!

Paths to be Tread!

Everything is proceeding apace, and we’re excited to keep showing off more and more awesome stuff to you. Thank you as always for being an awesome, supportive, and interested group of backers! Until next time, friends!

Playtesting and Component Development
about 2 months ago – Tue, May 12, 2020 at 02:24:10 PM

Bilious bluejays! It’s time for our end of April/beginning of May 2020 update on Root: The RPG!

We’re going to talk a bit about where things stand with regard to lockdown and Covid-19, what we’ve been working on, and what we’re planning moving forward.


Just a quick update on this—the Backerkit is closed, but some of you have noticed that you haven’t yet been charged. We usually hold off on charging everything until much closer to the actual shipping date, so we’ll be alerting you when that happens. Nothing is wrong and everything’s all good—just stay tuned! If you have any questions, please drop us a line at

Covid-19 Effects on Production: April/May

First and most importantly, we’re all keeping safe in lockdown here, and we hope all of you are doing the same!

The biggest effect that the coronavirus has had on our production mostly has to do with our timelines with our production partners. They’re in varying states of openness; some are operating at full, some are at partial effectiveness, and some are still closed. We’re keeping in touch with everyone and exploring all our options to stay on top of it, but the bottom line is that the situation is what it is, and we’d rather everyone do what they need to do to keep safe.

Our Free RPG Day booklet for Root: The RPG, for example, has been delayed, but we’re still planning on trying to have it for the rescheduled Free RPG Day on July 25—and it will be available for digital download some time after that.

With that said, though, we’re still able to do quite a bit of work!

Production Update: End of April/Beginning of May

Our team is tackling Root: The RPG in varied chunks. Some of us are working directly on the game and the books; some of us are working on the myriad additional components; and all of us are participating in playtests to try everything out!

Our layout designer, Miguel Angel Espinoza, has been hard at work on some of the supplemental materials, including the dice and the notepads. You’re going to like the look of the dice, but we’re going to hold off on sharing pictures and samples until we go through some more approvals first. The notepads similarly have a playtest-ready version that we’re using internally, but we’re going to hold off on sharing them until we’ve had some time to really put them through their paces.

The next big visual design element is the GM’s screen, and we’re excited to put that together!

In terms of the game, we’re internally playtesting some of the new playbooks along with those designed elements. We’re going to put the game through its paces to really hone it, especially so we can get a good picture of what questions we need to answer, what advice we need to provide, and what guidance we need to write for you to run the game well at home!

Finally, here’s a nice little tidbit of something to keep you excited…one of the art pieces that the inestimable Kyle Ferrin illustrated for one of the new vagabonds—the Pirate! 

Trails to be Blazed!

As always, we’re deeply appreciate to have such an awesome and interested group of backers. We love that you’re playing the game so much with whatever materials you have available, and we can’t wait to give you more and more content to toy with! Stay tuned for more information, and until next time—keep being safe and keep being awesome!

Backerkit, Covid-19 Updates and Plans
3 months ago – Sat, Apr 04, 2020 at 02:12:34 AM

Bloviating badgers! It’s time for our March 2020 update on Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game!

We’re going to talk a bit about what how everything going on with covid-19 around the world has affected the production of Root: The TTRPG, and what we’re planning moving forward.


Firstly, we’re closing the Root: The TTRPG Backerkit. We’d planned on officially closing it down today, but we’re going to give just a couple more days—until Monday, April 6th—before we fully close it down, just so you can get in any final changes.

So to be very clear—the Backerkit will close on Monday, April 6th. You can still find the Backerkit here:

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at

Covid-19 Effects on Production

Firstly, we want to say that we at Magpie Games are taking this global crisis very seriously. We’re all following social distancing rules, and we’ve all transitioned to working from home. We’re going to continue to adhere to all guidelines to make sure we stay safe, even though it means some things—like our warehouse—have been shut down for the time being. But it’s most important that people take necessary measures to help curb the spread of covid-19 right now. We hope all of you are doing the same as best you can, staying safe and healthy in this troubled time.

With that out of the way, let’s talk a bit about how covid-19 has affected the overall production of Root: The TTRPG.

As we said above, a lot of what we’re doing can be managed remotely. Writing the book, developing new playbooks, working on initial layout elements—we’re doing all of those from our homes now. The crew at Leder Games has been great at working with us while they, too, are social distancing and working from home. Everything we can do continues apace.

That said, there are some things that have been delayed. We’re working with our manufacturer to get the correct templates for our myriad pieces, but that process has been understandably delayed as the manufacturer closed down for a while to protect its employees. In general, we’re conscious that production timelines are hopeful, but are entirely likely to change in the long run.

We’re going to give you all a better update on the actual likely timelines once we feel more confident in them, but suffice to say we’re doing everything we can to make sure that Root: The TTRPG is developed, produced, and sent out to you with as much alacrity as we can manage.

We did complete the Free RPG Day booklet for Root shortly before our printer similarly closed down for safety, and before Free RPG Day itself was delayed into July. As things stand, we remain uncertain about exactly what’s going to happen with that booklet, but we’re currently still planning on producing physical copies when or if our printers reopen, and we will definitely be releasing the Free RPG Day booklet in digital form.

In the meantime, here’s a cute look at one of the pre-generated characters we made for the Free RPG Day booklet! The booklet is designed to provide a quick and easy way to get playing the game, so we slimmed it down to include pre-generated characters and only the rules needed to play a session then and there. We modified the character sheet we showed you last time to get this down to a single page. Without further ado, here is Nimble the Thief!

Traveling the Road Together

We know that things are pretty uncertain now, in so, so many ways, and we can’t say enough how grateful we are to have such a supportive, awesome group of fans in times like these. Thank you all for being patient, for understanding the current situation, and for sticking with us. Vagabonds can survive on their own, but they can reshape their world together, and in times like these that’s the most important thing we can do—stick together and help each other out. We hope all of you are staying safe and supporting each other in these tough times. Keep being excellent to one another! We’ll be back next month with more updates!

Updated Character Sheets and More!
4 months ago – Tue, Mar 03, 2020 at 12:07:46 AM

Ruminant raccoons! It’s time for our February 2020 update on Root: The TTRPG!

We’ve been working on new layouts, the book text, and getting the Free RPG Day booklet prepped!

Overall Schedule

We’re still sorting out exactly what the long-term schedule is—a process we fully anticipated during the Kickstarter. We want to make sure we’re getting all the best materials for the project that we can, so we’ve been checking in on printers, investigating what’s possible at what rates and over what timelines. 

This has been complicated a bit by the effects of the coronavirus, of course. We’re not at print by any means, but we’re aware that the coronavirus’s effects on printing in China may ripple out even to affect Root: The TTRPG’s printing and publication down the line. 

(For those who might be unaware, the coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on printing in China, as factories were shut down for weeks to prevent further spread of the virus, and a backlog of printing built up at those factories.) 

Suffice to say, we’re staying on top of it and doing our best to figure out the best way to get this project printed.

New Character Sheets

We’ve been working on a redesign of the playbook layout, and we’re pretty happy with what we’ve developed! A lot of credit goes to Miguel Angel Espinoza, who is building out the final layout for the book!

Here’s a look at the Ranger in the new layout:

Ranger - Front
Ranger - Back

Our goals were to help give everything the space and clarity that it needed. The original layout was matched to the original design, but certain design elements have changed since the original quickstart layout. So the new design elements were fitted to the original layout, but now, starting with a better idea of what all would be needed, we could better plan how much space things would take.

It meant we had to give up on one thing we’d liked in the original layout—that all the mechanical elements were on one side of the character sheet. But we still think the majority of elements you’ll reference throughout the game are on one side, and the other has only a few elements you’ll reference more infrequently. It helped us give everything enough space to breathe, and to make more blank spaces for future additions—like a big blank area where you’ll be able to write in your own equipment!

As a reminder on that, the pre-written equipment in the quickstart was always set up to facilitate quick play. In the full game, we intend for PCs to choose their own equipment, so they can fully customize what they’re carrying to their own weapon skills and desires.

Miguel also set to work on a new version of the basic moves, incorporating all the rules changes we’ve made to the quickstart, such as the new version of roguish feats:

Basic Moves

We’ll definitely be supplying all these files in a full color version—one that still shouldn’t kill your printers!—and a printer-friendly version.

Having these done is going to help inform the overall book layout quite a bit—we won’t be able to put these in one-for-one, seeing as these are 8.5” x 11” and the book is 6” x 9”, but a lot of the same styles and elements can contribute to the book’s internal pages!

Making Room for Clearings

What’s more, in addition to working on the core explanatory text of the book, we’re working on the myriad clearings that are going into the Clearing Booklet! The idea for each of those clearings is to present a complicated and interesting situation, one that will draw the vagabonds in and stop them from finding any easy answers. 

Each clearing will come with a cast of characters to flesh out the situation, alongside guidance on the primary issue of the entire clearing and a series of smaller conflicts. The GM will receive guidance on how each problem would develop independently, if the vagabonds never arrived in the clearing, but the whole point of these set ups is to let them develop organically in reaction to the vagabonds and their actions—who knows how things will go when you throw a bunch of volatile, expert criminals into their midst?

Free RPG Day

All of these disparate elements—the new playbooks, the new basic moves, the clearing frames—will come together in the Root:The TTRPG Free RPG Day booklet! We'll be using a brand new clearing for the Free RPG Day booklet—one that's different from the others promised in the Kickstarter—and we've shaved down the content from the quickstart to better support getting to play quickly and for one or two sessions. We're also going to provide "pre-generated" characters for the Free RPG Day booklet, each of whom is tied to the situation therein. Keep an eye out for more as Free RPG Day approaches in June!

We’ll show you more previews of these clearings as we go—we’re excited to see what you think!


We’ve decided to extend the Backerkit until the very beginning of April—we’ll be closing it officially on Friday, April 3rd. We’ve heard some of you asking for a bit more time, and on our side, as we’re sorting out the specifics of the schedule, we think another month makes sense. So again, expect the Backerkit to close on April 3rd. If you have any questions here, please drop us a line at

Remember, you can find your Backerkit here:

We still plan on charging credit cards in June, but we'll keep you posted.

Next Steps

We’re going to come back to you at the end of this month with more examples of the upcoming book to show off! Until then, may the Woodland treat you well!